Posting Jobs

What does "active jobs" mean? How many jobs can I post?

"Active jobs" refers to the maximum number of jobs you can post at any given time. We do not limit the total number of jobs, but you can only have a maximum number of active jobs at any given time. The number of active jobs available depends on your subscription plan.

How long are job postings active?

We will automatically expire your jobs after 90 days. Most job boards will remove your jobs after 30 days, so you may want to repost jobs that have not been filled after 30 days.

Is there an extra charge for certain job boards?

There is no additional charge except for Craigslist which charges a fee in some cities only.

How are my jobs distributed?

We distribute your jobs directly to many leading job sites. We also distributed your jobs via large job posting network partners covering 1,000+ job sites.

What are my options to receive job applications?

When posting a job you have three options: 1. Delivery via Email (default), 2. Send candidates to your ATS via a link, or 3. View applications online on TalentDesk. Click the "Application Delivery Options" link when you post a job to select one of these options.

Job Posting Management

How do I edit a Job?

Click the "My Job Postings" tab. Open the job you want to update and click the "Edit Job" button.

How do I remove a Job?

Click the "My Job Postings" tab. Open the job you want to delete and click the "Delete" button.

Logo & Branding

How do I upload my company's Logo?

Click the "Dashboard" tab, then find the "Upload Logo" button on the right. Select your logo image and click on "Save". 

How do I add the jobs to my website?

Option 1 (Job Widget): Click the "Dashboard" tab, then find the "Install Job Widget" button on the right. Select matching font and background colors to match your website's color scheme (optional). Then, copy-and-paste the code snipped into your website's html code. Your jobs will now appear directly on your website. Option 2: Simply link from your website to your TalentDesk career portal.

How do I modify the colors of my application pages?

Click the "Settings" tab and select the "Customize Application Pages" option. Here you can select the color of your application pages and career portal to align it with your own website branding.

Subscription Management

How do I upgrade or downgrade my Plan?

Go to Settings -> Upgrade/Downgrade Plan. Select the plan you would like to switch to.

Do you offer Discounts?

Yes, we offer attractive discounts if you purchase an annual subscription. We also offer competitive discounts and can typically save you money if you are a current customer of one of our competitors. Please contact customer support to inquire about these options.

Can I update my Credit Card information?

Yes, you can easily update your credit card on file. Click the "Settings" tab, then select "Update Card" on the Account Overview page.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel your subscription at any time from the "Billing Settings" page. Click on "Settings" and select the "Billing Settings" option.